Whoa anon dang calm down.

I have no idea what ask you’re so mad about me not answering, but being volatile and angry about it in my ask box isn’t gonna help you out. In fact, it just got you blocked. 

So, sorry.  Please realize that artists are actual people who often have very busy lives doing things that aren’t answering every ask we get, whether we want to or not. I’d honestly love to have the spare energy and time to thank everyone who says kind things about my work individually, because I read and appreciate every message I get whether I answer it or not. But unfortunately being a self-employed artist and attempting to have enough money for bills, food, etc, takes a hell of a lot out of me and all I really wanna do with my spare time is draw some dumb fanart of ladies smooching. The last thing I really want to do with my day is open my inbox to a flood of vitriolic crap from someone whose toes I apparently trod on.

If my not answering something bothers you, you could always try being civil about it instead and letting me know instead of just demanding to know why I haven’t answered it without letting me know which ask I’m meant to be responding to (wtf??).

Sorry for the semi-serious post guys. For future reference if you want to ask me things please direct all art-related questions to my art blog (anon is disabled so I can answer things privately without spamming my dash) or my junk blog for other questions (anon enabled). 

Love you guys. <3