harylon answered your post: Hello darlings I’m thinking of doing a…

Oh man I’d be so interested can I just send an email?

Yep! Just toss an email my way. I may not be able to answer til the morning (I’m gonna be passing out sometime soon) but I will definitely get back to you (and anyone else who sends inquiries tonight)!

Things I might need in emails:  Character names (references never hurt either), any preference for content/poses (on a scale of 1 to basically smut how shippy do you want it, or if you have another idea you want me to base it on, etc),  aaaand anything else you feel is significant (whether you want multiple sketches or a single fancy drawing, etc)

enlai-equalist asked:

I do hope that you get the amount of commissions you're wanting but, hopefully you'll, have a spot still open in a week or so (pay day and all) If you don't mind me asking, as a new recent follower, do you offer commissions often?

At the moment I’ll probably be taking quite a few!  So I should be back open fairly soon, especially if I can get through them at the rate I want to! 

Thank you for the interest! :>

Hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna post this publicly in case anyone else has similar questions.

Hello darlings I’m thinking of doing a round of pay-what-you-want shipping commissions? Specifically ladies I just really like drawing ladies smooching (you may have noticed).

Starting at $25 for a sketch (something like the most recent post here I guess. Maybe a little cleaner depending on how much work I can get done in the timeframe.) and then more dollars would be either a fancier drawing or additional sketches on the page (your choice).

Can be from any fandom/whatever but if it’s one I’m not familiar with I might have to ask you for a brief character description/etc.

Lemme know if any of you would be interested in this.

Obligatory question mark with which to prompt answers: ?