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#RIVEN BEING MISERABLE IS ACTUALLY MY FAVORITE THING. (D: why does everyone like riven so miserable ; ; )

More accurately I love thoughtful prose about Riven’s time spent being miserable.

And equally I love thoughtful prose about her extracting herself from that.

I REALLY LOVE RIVEN. I just also love when people take a mindful approach to the crap she’s been through as a character and the amount of effort it’d take to get over it and piece herself back together.


Dead These Seven Years: Riven Fanfic with a touch of Karma


 This fic goes out to the absolutely lovely skepticarcher! I hope you enjoy it. :D It’s not as grossly fluffy as I intended it to be. Riven decided she had other ideas.

Dead These Seven Years

The world touches her reawakening mind with a whispering caress of agony, agony, agony.

She moves. This is a mistake.

The agony screams itself to life, a bellow, a shriek, a hungry flame from shoulder to knee.

Riven gasps, trembling, as the beat of the rain falls harder on the shredded remains of her body. She chokes and splutters on the mud that has swollen up around her mouth and nostrils, prompting her back to consciousness.

Tears fill her eyes and she blinks them away. Rain, only rain.

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Sorry for the slow influx of stuff lately, guys. I have been off-and-on sick for a while and it has been tough to get myself moving! 

Hoping that an aggressive regimen of scalding tea will get me back in the game more quickly. In the meantime, I will have a couple things to post in a bit!